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Leccion 1

Helps with lession 1

EscribirTo write
EscriboI write
EscribeYou write
EscucharTo listen
EscuchoI listen
EscuchaYou listen
EstudiarTo study
EstudioI study
EstudiaYou study
La vida de todos los diasEveryday life
hablarTo speak
HabloI speak
HablaYou speak
Hablar por telefonoTo talk on the telephone
HacerTo do; To make
HagoI do; I make
HaciaYou do; You make
HaceYou do; You make
Hacer ejercicioTo exercise
Hacer ejercicio aerobicoTo do aerobics
Tener queTo have to (do something)
TocarTo play (games)
TocoI play
TocaYou play
TrabajarTo work
TrabajoI work
TrabajaYou work
VenirTo come
VengoI come
VeniaYou come
VeneYou come
NecesitarTo need
NecesitoI need
NecesitaYou need
PasarTo spend (time)
PasoI spend
PasaYou spend
PedirTo ask for
PidoI ask
PideYou ask
AcostarseTo go to bed
AcuestoI go to bed
AcuestaYou go to bed
AlmorzarTo have lunch
AlmuerzoI have lunch
AlmuerzaYou have lunch
AsistirTo attend
AsastoI attend
AsasteYou attend
SalirTo go out of, leave
SalgoI go out, I leave
SaliaYou go out, You leave
SolerTo have a habit of doing
SueloI have a habit of
SueleYou have a habit of
TenerTo have
TengoI have
CenarTo have dinner
CenoI have dinner
CenaYou have dinner
ComerTo eat
ComoI eat
ComeYou eat
ConducirTo drive
ConducoI drive
ConduceYou drive
VestirseTo get dressed
VistoI get dressed
VisteYou get dressed
VolverTo return
VueloI return
VueleYou return
ConocerTo know
ConocoI know
ConoceYou know
DeberOught to, should, must
DeboI should, must
DebeYou should, must
DesayunarTo have breakfast
DesayunoI have breakfast
DesayunaYou have breakfast
PensarTo think
PiensoI think
PiensaYou think
PoderTo be able to, can
PeudoI can
PuedeYou can
PreferirTo prefer
PrefieroI prefer
PrefiereYou prefer

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