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battleship rocks 3

decayTo slowly break down, or rot
humusthe decayed matter in gives soil a dark color and adds nutrients to the soil.
nutrientsa material that plants and animals need to live and grow.
clay soiltightly packed soil with tiny grains. it has many nutrients and holds water well. Many plants cannot grow in this soil because the grains are so close together.
sandy soilloose soil with large grains that do not hold water, and have few nutrients.
loamgood planting soil that is a mixture of clay, sand and humus. It holds water and many nutrients for plants.
oresrock that is rich in useful minerals. people separate the minerals from the rocks.
natural resourcesomething in nature that is useful to people. examples: soil, trees, copper, plants, iron, and many more.
recycleto use again in some way or to change something so it can be used again and again.
coppera metal found in ore used to make batteries and some kind of pipes.
silvera metal found in ore used to make film , jewerly, and mirrors.
leada metal found in ore used to make batteries and some kind of pipes.
fuelanything that is burned to make heat or to make power for running machines.
petroleuma liquid that is found in the earth, often called oil. it can be used to make electricity, ink, plastic, medicines, gasolines, and some clothing.
coala black or brown rock that can be burned to give off heat and is used to make electricity and steel.
miningthe way many resources are taken from underground.
derricka steel tower that holds the drilling equipment used to drill for oil.
oil riga large platform used as a base for drilling for oil under the sea or under the ground.
refinerya factory where oil or other raw materials are made pure or changed into useful products.
lumberingthe cutting of trees and preparing of logs for sale.
renewable resourcea natural resource that can be replaced if it is not used too quickly or completely used up. examples, fish and trees.
pollute - pollutionto spoil by adding something. for example, rivers, lakes, and oceans are made dirty by dumping trash or harmful chemicals in them.
conserve - conservationto save, protect, or use something wisely without wasting it.
mineralmaterial that was never alive and that can be found in soil. it can be any color, shiny or dull, and soft ar hard. it is a substance found in the earth, such as coal, oil, iron, and gold.
igneous rocka kind of rock that forms from melted minerals.
sedimentary rocka kind of rock th at forms when layers of material are pressed together.
rocksa large stone made of one or more minerals.
metamorphic rockan igneous rock or sedimenary rock that was changed by heat or pressure.
marblea metamorphic rock which is much harder hatn limestone and can be carved into objects.
granitean igneous rock that is very hard and is used to make buildings.
soildirt or earth in which plants grow.

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