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Science 4 Final Review

ability to do workenergy
ability to produce energywork
potential energystored energy
force that pulls objects togethergravity
energy from chemical changeschemical energy
tools that make work easiermachines
machine with many moving partscomplex
combination of 2 or more simple machinescompound
when as much energy is used as possibleefficiency
energy in motionkinetic
a type of simple machineax
a ball moving down a hill has____kinetic energy
occurs when two forces rub against each otherfriction
objects in motion tend to stay in motion, st rest tend to stay at restinertia
push or pull that causes something to moveforce
simple machine that lifts loads and has a fulcrumlever
simple machine that uses a wheel and ropepulley
two inclined planes put together that pushes things apartwedge
solar energy comes from the ___sun
electricity that can flow through wires is called what?current electricity
this allows electricity to flow freelyconductor
this does not allow electricity to flow freelyinsulator
pathway taken by electric currentscircuit(s)
type of circuit that allows movement of electrical energyclosed circuit
prevents the movement of electrical energyopen circuit
circuit that provides more than one pathwayparallel circuit
rubbing material together creates what?static electricity
the discharge of static electricitylightning
a good conductor of electricitymetal
ground water, lakes, rivers, bays, Atlantic Oceanoceanwater resources of Virginia
area over which surface water flows to a single collection placewatershed
what does an anonometer show?wind speed
rotation of the earth on its axis causes thesedays

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