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The First Americans

This game helps students study terms and facts related to the first Americans.

a long, cold period of time when thick sheets of ice covered the earththe Ice Age
thick sheets of ice that cover parts of the earthglacier
where the first Americans came fromAsia
a narrow waterway that connects two larger bodies of waterstrait
the reason the people crossed over from Asiathey followed animal herds
the reason people were able to survive during the Ice Agethey discovered how to make and use fire to cook their food and stay warm
separates North America from Asia todayBering Strait
large Ice Age animal hunted by the first AmericansWooly Mammoth
how the people fed themselves when the Ice Age ended and the large animals became extinctthey became gatherers and farmers
as they learned more about farming they grew more than they neededa surplus
a group of people and lands ruled by the government of one peopleempire
a system of ditches used for bringing water to dry fieldsirrigation
the dry land that probably joined Asia and North America during the Ice Ageland bridge
spend most of the time doing one kind of jobspecialize
a culture that has developed complex systems of government, religion, and learningcivilization
the people could do this because they had more food than they neededtrade
the way a people live, think, believe, and feelculture
first people in the Americas to develop a system of writingMayas
scientists who dig up things from the past to learn about a culturearchaeologists
objects left by the people who lived long agoartifacts
a period of 10 yearsdecade
a period of 100 yearscentury
built an empire in the Andes MountainsIncas
capital city of the Incan empireCuzco
how the Aztec people fed their godshuman sacrifices
the Aztec capital, one of the biggest cities in the worldTenochtitlan
made a very accurate calendar and were excellent scientists and mathematiciansMayas
why the Mayas abandoned their citiesthe reason is still a mystery
the most successful early farmers who lived in what is now southern Mexico and GuatemalaMayas
people who at one time conquered and ruled over 12,000,000 peopleAztecs
created a large empire in central MexicoAztecs
created an empire that stretched for more than 2000 miles and was connected by 10,000 miles of paved roadsIncas
how the Incans delivered messages around the empirewith runners
the Incan farmers built these into the hillsidesterraces
their ruler lived in a golden palaceIncas
the people made beautiful jewelry and wove wool clothIncas
the first farmers in the United StatesAnasazi
the Anasazi lived in this section of the United Statessouthwest
the states that meet at the four cornersUtah, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona
developed a system of irrigationAnasazi
built villages that looked like apartment buildings into caves and on the side of canyonsAnasazi
largest Anasazi townPueblo Bonito
what the woodland people needed to bring into the woods so that their crops would growsunlight
a diagram that lets you see events in the order they happened and tells you how much time passed between eventstimeline
how the woodland people killed the treesby slashing off the bark and burning them
another name for the woodland people that buried their dead under piles of soilthe mound builders
place where many of the snakelike burial grounds are foundalong the Mississippi
disease that probably wiped out the mound builderssmall pox
largest village of the MississippiansCahokia
people who brought small pox to the Mississippiansthe Spanish explorers
study or record of what happened in the pasthistory
a person who studies the pastan historian
eyewitness accounts, letters, newspapers,etc.primary sources for an historian
accounts of the past written by someone who was not an eyewitnesssecondary source for an historian

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