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World Biomes

Terms relating to world biomes

tundratreeless biome forming a belt across North America, Europe, and Asia
coniferous forestbiome dominated by conifers located in the northern hemisphere
taiganorthernmost band of coniferous forest occupying northern Canada and Alaska
deciduous forestbiome characterized by the presence of trees that lose their leaves in the fall
grasslandbiome dominated by grasses
desertsdry areas where rainfall averages less than 25 cm per year
tropical rain forestbiome found near the equator where reinfall and sunlight abound
temperate rainforestbiome extending along the west coast of North America from central California to southern Alaska
polar biomesbiomes found at the earth's coldest extremes, mostly surrounding the North and South poles
biomelarge area identified by the presence of characteristic plants and animals
marine biomethe earth's ocean and its associated areas
benthic zoneocean bottom
neritic zonefirst subarea of pelagic zone that extends over the continental shelf
pelagic zoneopen ocean
photic zonewhere light penetrates in the ocean
aphotic zonewhere light is unable to penetrate in the ocean
oceanic zonedeep water of the open sea
intertidal zonearea of water running along the shores where tides produce a rythmic rise and fall of the water
estuarybiome where freshwater rivers and streams flow into the sea
freshwater biomeaquatic biome with low levels of dissolved salts

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