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Science Vocabulary

machinedevice that makes work easier
simple machinedevice that does work with only one movement
effort forceforce applied to the machine
resistance forceforce applied by the machine
ideal machinea machine in which work input equals work output; such a "perfect" machine would be frictionless and 100% efficient
mchanical advantagesthe number fo times a machine multiples the effort force applied to it
levera bar that is free to pivot, or turn, about a fixed point
fulcrumthe fixed point of a lever
effort armthe part of a lever on which the effort force is applied
resistance armthe part of the lever that exerts the resistance force
pulley a grooved wheel with a rope or a chain running along the groove
wheel and axlea simple macine consisting of two wheels fo different sizes that rotate together
inclined planea sloping suface usedraise object
screwan inclined planewrapped around a spiral around a cylindrical post
wedgeinclined plane with one or two sloping sides
bionicsthe science of designing artifical replacements for parts of the human body
compound machinea combination of two or more simple machines
efficiencymeasure of how much of the work put into a machine is changed to useful work put out by a machine
powerthe rate at which work is done

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