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Ecce Romani Ch 46 & 47 Vocabulary

Vocab games for vocab 46 & 47, ER

ludus, -i,, game
pupa, -ae, f.doll
donum, -i,
dies natalis, diei natalis, m.birthday
peristylium, -i.n.peristyle
munera, munerum,
ambo, ambae, amboboth
fereadv, almost
postremoadv, finally
Num...?Surely ... not ...?
negotiosus, -a, -umbusy
pro certo habereto be sure
constatit is agreed
imperator, imperatoris, m.commander, emperor
epigramma, -matis, n.epigram
puto, 1to think, consider
dono,1to give
abripio, -ere, abripui, abreptusto snatch away
laedo, laedere, laesi, laesusto harm
spero, 1to hope
contineo, -ere, -tinui, contentusto confine, hold
malo, malle, malui, prefer

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