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Matching game using basic 5th grade geometry terms

line segmentline with two endpoints
rayline that goes forever in one direction
linegoes forever in two directions
vertexpoint where two lines meet
acute angleangle that has less than ninety degrees
obtuse angleangle that has more than ninety degrees
right angleangle that has exactly ninety degrees
intersecting lineslines that cross
perpendicular lines2 lines that form a ninety degree angle
parallel lines2 lines going in the same direction that never meet
rectangleplane figure with four right angles
squarea plane figure with four equal sides
trianglegeometric shape with three sides and three angles
hexagonpolygon with six sides
octagonpolygon with eight sides
pentagonpolygon with five sides
equilateral triangletriangle with three equal sides
isosceles triangletriangle with at least two equal sides
scalene triangletriangle with no equal sides
circumferencedistance around a circle

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