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Botany: Germination Terms - word search

A period of rest required by some seedsdormancy
beginning of growthgermination
ability of seeds to germinateviability
germination in which the cotyledons rise above the soil surfaceepigean
germination in which the cotyledons do not rise above the soil surfacehypogean
most dicots exhibit this type of germinationepigean
most monocots exhibit this type of germinationhypogean
natural: freezing, animal digestion, abrasion; artificial: scratching seed coat; soaking in acidstratification
uptake of water by a seedimbibe
hormone that inhibits seed growthabscisic acid
process that requires oxygen to produce energy for growthrespiration
first part of the embryo that emerges from the seedhypocotyl
type of plant whose epicotyl forms an archdicot
purpose of the "arch" in some seedlingsstrength/protection
leaf sheathcoleoptile
type of plant whose epicotyl forms a leaf sheathmonocot
fate of dicot cotyledonshrivel/die
purpose of hypocotyl emergence1. provide nutrients to seedling 2. anchor
conditions necessary for germination1. oxygen 2. water 3. light/no light 4. temperature

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