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Organic Puzzle A

A basic definition puzzle for beginning
organic chemistry topics

alkanescarbon compounds with all single bonds
alkenescarbon compounds with one or more double bonds
alkynescarbon compounds with one or more triple bonds
cycloalkanescarbon compounds that have a "circle" connection in them
Saturated hydrocarbonscarbon compounds that have the maximum number of hydrogens
unsaturated hydrocarbonscarbon compounds that do NOT have the maximum double bonds
aliphatic hydrocarbonscarbon compounds that have a chain of carbons connected together
organic compoundscarbon compounds that can be found in living things
propanea carbon compound with three carbon in a connected line
propenecarbon compound that has three carbons with a double bond
isomerscarbon compounds that have the same empirical formula but different structural formulas
substituent groupa group of carbons connected together added to a chain of carbons
homologous seriescompounds whose structure differ from one another by a specific structural unit
general formula for alkanesCnH2n

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