Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Weather Concentration

Matching weather words with their definitions.

humiditythe amount of water vapor in the air
dew pointtemperature at which the air is saturated
sling psychrometera precise method of measuring humidity
hygrometermeasures humidity
condensation nucleismall particles in the air
stratus cloudflat, dull, and gray clouds
cumulus cloudpuffy clouds
cirrus cloudsthin wispy clouds
foga cloud that forms on the earth's surface
precipitationany moisture that fall from a cloud to the groud
sleetpartially melted grains of ice
hailballs of ice
rain guagemeasures rain
acid rainrain with gases dissovled in them
high altitude cloudscirrus clouds
freezing rainrain that freezes as it falls to earth
rainliquid precipitation
middle altitude cloudsstratus clouds
low altitude cloudscumulus clouds
nimbus cloudsrain bearing clouds

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