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SAT Prep Vocabulary

The flash cards you asked for. I'll keep adding to them.

to profaneto treat something holy in a disrespectful way
profaneblasphemous; showing disrespect for God or for holy things by using religious words wrongly
abhorto hate and be disgusted by a way of thinking because you think it's morally wrong
abhorrentdetested, rejected, very very disliked
abhorrenceaversion; intense disapproval; loathing; repugnance
aficionadosomeone very interested in an activity or pasttime who knows a lot about it
ambientsurrounding you in an environment
ambiancethe qualities of a place that make you feel a particular way about it
to -- | fallacious | fallacy-- | containing a wrong idea | a mistaken belief; bad reasoning
-- | fatalistic | fatalism-- | leaving everything up to fate | the belief nothing you do will keep something from happening
-- | gratuitous | --done for no reason--and in a way that is offensive; done for free; voluntary
to finesse | -- | finessehandle a situation well but a little deceitfully; successfully, slyly avoid blame--to sidestep the real issue | -- | tactful treatment; skillful handling of a difficult situation 2. elegant and refined physical skill
-- | hedonistic | hedonist/hedonism-- | devoted to pleasure as a way of life | devotion to pleasure as a way of life 2. the philosophical principle that pleasure is morality's source
to impend | impending | --to threaten to happen; menace | likely to happen soon (and be bad) | --
--- | imperious | ------ | arrogant: haughty and domineering 2. giving orders expecting to be obeyed without question | ---

Mr. Soules

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