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SAT words drill

this game allows you to practice your SAT words!

Astutehaving good judgement
Sequesterto isolate
Rebuketo reprimand
Decryto belittle, openly comdemn
Predationthe act of preying
Itineranthaving a tendency to travel
Vociferousloud, vocal, and noisy
Myriadimmense number, multitude
Dissectto break into pieces;to analyze
Euphemisma way of saying something to make it less offensive
Peripheryon the outer fringe or limit
Vacuousempty, void, lacking intelligence
Inherentinborn, existing within oneself
Spurnto reject; to scorn
Epitaphwriting on a tombstone
Maudlinoverly sentimental
Thwartto block or prevent from happening; to frustrate
Homogeneouscomposed of identical parts
Profligatecorrupt, degenerate
Reticentnot speaking feely, reserved
Suavesmoothly gracious or polite; blandly ingratiating
Euphoriaextreme joy
Ingratiateto work oneself into the favor of someone
Episodicmade up of episodes; occasional
Repealto revoke or formally withdraw
Brashhaving no regard for consequences
lachrymosevery sad, tearful
Anachronisticout of place, timewise
Procureto obtain
Urbanecourteous, refined, suave
Allusivenessquality of making many indirect references
Biasa prejudice; a slant
Lionizeto treat as a celebrity
Validateto authorize, to certify, to confirm
EffusiveFullof emotion
Reclusivehermit-like, shut off from the world
Fluctuateto move back and forth, to vacillate
Rigorousstrict, difficult
Ambiguoussubject to multiple interpretations; vague, unclear
Precipitateto throw down from a heightl to cause to happen
Rendto forcibly take from; to tear apart
Ardorextreme passion or feeling
Curmudgeona crank, cynical person
Chronicleto record historical events
Impetusmotivation, impulse
Penuryextreme poverty
Progenitororiginator, forefather, ancestor in a direct line
ArchetypePrototypel a prefect example
Discordantharsh-sounding, inharmonious, conflicting
Treasonbetrayal of one's country or cause
Cohesivesticking together
Eminentcelebrated, distinguishedl outstanding, towering
Parleydiscussuion, usually between enemies
rantto forcefully scold


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