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Work and Power and Simple Machines

Vocabulary words for middle school students dealing with the physics of work and power. Simple machines are also included.

workthe measure of the force required to make something move
machinea device that helps to do work by changing the size or direction of a force.
powerthe measure of the amount of work done in a certain period of time.
joulesthe amount of work equal to the force of 1 N moving an object a distance of 1 meter.
mechanical advantagethe number of times a machine multiplies a force; the ratio of the force that comes out of a machine to the force that is put into the same machine.
simple machinesmachines that have only one or two parts.
levera simple machine ; a bar used for prying or dislodging something.
wheel and axlea simple machine consisting of a lever connected to a shaft.
pulleya simple machine that consists of a wheel that is free to spin on an axle.
inclined planea simple machine consisting of a flat, sloping surface; a ramp.
wedgea simple machine consisting of a inclined plane; used to pry objects apart.
screwa simple machine composed of an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder.
compound machinestwo or more simple machines combined to do work.
wattname of the metric unit that measures 1joule of work done each second
effort armpart of the lever you push on
resistance armpart of the lever that pushes on the object you want to move
fulcrumthe point on which a lever pivots.
first-class leverWhen the fulcrum is between the resistance and effort force
second-class leverwhen the resistance force is between the fulcrum and the effort force
third-class leverwhen the effort force is between the resistance force and the fulcrum
windlassused when a type of wheel and axle
Is 2 single wedges back to backdouble wedge
A person moving needs to get his couch into the back of his truck what simple machine should he use?An inclined plane
A man needs to chop a big log for a fire. What simple machine should he use?A wedge
Jana needs to cut out an article from a magazine for a project. What simple machine should she use?A lever
An ax is a compound machine. What 2 simple machines is it made up of?A lever and a wedge
Name the six simple machines.A lever, a wheel and axle, a pulley, an inclined plane, a wedge, and a screw
The formula for power is?work/time to do work
The formula for work is?force x distance

Mary-Beth Petit

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