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Vocabulary Review, Ecce Romani IA

More words for final practice!

nemono one
tempto, temptareto try
discedo, discedereto depart, to go away
advenio, advenireto reach, to arrive at
celerrimevery fast, very quickly
duco, duceretolead
meus, -a, -ummy
eo, ireto go
rideo, ridereto laugh
iratus, -a, -umangry
iterumagain, a second time
ago, agereto do, to drive
celo, celareto hide
in animo habereto intend
epistula, -aeletter
culpa, -aefault, blame
curo, curareto look after, to take care of
effugio, effugereto flee, to run away, to escape
noster, nostra, nostrumour
deindethen, next
dumwhile, as long as
laetus, -a, -umhappy
alter, altera, alterumthe second (of two)
alter....alterthe one...the other
cibus, -ifood
nox, noctis (f)night
plenus, -a, -umfull
flumen, fluminis (n)river
ars, artis (f)skill
eiushis, her(s), its
nondumnot yet
quothow many
rivus, -istream
nullus, -a, -umno, none

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