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Careers in Life Science

Life scientists study many things! You can find life scientists at work in such diverse places as hospitals, laboratories, tropical rain forests, and national parks.

physiciana person who practices medicine
botanista biologist specializing in the study of plants
marine biologista person who studies animal and plant life within saltwater ecosystems
emergency medical technician (EMT)an emergency responder trained to provide emergency medical services
veterinariana person that is skilled in diseases and care of animals
park rangera person who protects and guards parkland, forests, or other rural or wilderness areas
physical therapistA health professional who teaches exercises and physical activities that help condition muscles and restore strength and movement
landscape architecta person who designs the location of buildings, roads, and walkways, and the arrangement of flowers, shrubs, and trees
surgeonA doctor who removes or repairs a part of the body by operating on the patient
zookeepera worker in a zoo, responsible for the feeding and daily care of the animals. As part of this, they clean the exhibits and report signs of bad health. They may also be involved in scientific research, and in public education, conducting tours or simply answering questions put by members of the public

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