Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.


Contains questions regarding computer trivia, and general information.

GIGO stands for?Garbage In Garbage Out
CPU stands for?Central Processing Unit
Booting refers to?Starting up the computer
What did Dvorak invent?The keyboard.
Who invented the typewriter?Dr. Schols
What was the name of Bill Gates First Company?Trak-O-Meter
Slang Term for a disc?3 and a quarter
The first video game was called?Pong
VDT stands for ?Video Display Terminal
CRT stands for?Cathode Ray Tube
What company invented electronic databases?IBM
Another Name for a flexible disk?Floppy
Another name for monitor?Screen
The homerow keys?asdf jkl;
The most frequently used command key?F1
Device used to talk to other computers?Modem
PC stands for?Personal Computer
Equipment used to transmit images?Scanner
The name of the first typewriter?Royal
An output hardcopy device?Printer

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