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27 Amendments

Firstfive basic freedoms (sprap)
Secondright to bear arms
Thirdno quartering of soldiers
Fourthno unreasonable search/seizure
Fifthno double jeopardy
Sixthrights of the accused
Seventhtrial by jury
Eighthno excessive bail/cruel punishment
Ninthpeople retain rights not listed
Tenthnon-federal power given to states
Eleventhcan't sue states in federal court
Twelfthseperate ballots for pres. / v.p.
Thirteenthslavery is abolished
Fourteenthall natural born have full rights
Fifteenthall race, creed, color can vote
Sixteenthincome tax amendment
Seventeenthcitizens can vote for U.S. Senators
Ninteenthwomen can vote
Twentiethpresident takes office Jan. 20th
Twenty-firstprohibition repealed
Twenty-secondlimit presidents terms to two
Twenty-thirdD.C. residents can vote for pres.
Twenty-fourthanti-poll tax
Twenty-fifthpresident duties passed to V.P.
Twenty-sixtheighteen year old can vote
Twenty-seventhno congress raises until election

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