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Floor Plan Vocabulary

Bideta low bowl-shaped bathroom feature with running water for personal hygiene
Breezewaya covered walkway with open sides between two different parts of a structure
Closed Floor Plancubicle-like rooms with little chance of overflow into other rooms
Compartmentalizedterm used to indicate a water closet that is partitioned off from other bathroom fixtures
Deckexterior floor that is supported on at least two opposing sides by adjoining structures, piers, or posts
Floor Planarchitectural drawing of a room or building as seen from above
Half-Bathbathroom containing water closet and lavatory only
Laundrya room designed for the specific purpose fo washing, drying, folding and ironing clothes
Lavatorya fixture that is designed for washing hands and face, usually found in a bathroom
Master Bedroomthe largest bedroom in a home, generally with a bath adjoining the room
Open Floor Plana plan in which rooms are not closed off from each other, minimal walls
Plumbing Wallthe walls in a building where the plumbing pipes are installed
Porcha covered entrance to a structure
Patioground-level exterior entertaining area that is made of concrete, brick or stone
Swingthe opening direction of a door opens based on the hinge location, right or left
Thresholdthe beveled member directly under a door
Utility Rooma room that includes space for washing, drying, folding, mending, ironing, and storing clothes, as well as long-term storage of dry and canned food and a freezer
Water Closeta water flushing plumbing fixture, such as a toilet, that is designed to receive and discharge human excrement
Alcovea small room adjoining a larger room often separated by an archway
Apronthe inside trim board placed below a window sill
Casingthe decorative trim that covers the joint between the jamb and rough opening (inside and outside)
Cavity Walla masonry wall formed with two wythes with and air space between each face
Cutting Planelines used to show where an object is to be sectioned
Egressa term used in building codes to describe access
Headerthe horizontal structural member used to support other structural members over openings
Jambthe frame that is fitted inside the rough opening which enclosesthe door sash A) Head jambs extend across the top of opening. B) Side jambs extend vertically. C) The jamb may come as part of a packaged door unit
Masonrystone, brick, concrete, hollow tile, concrete block, gypsum block, or other similar building units or materials or a combination fo the same bonded together with mortar to form a wall, pier, buttress, or similar mass
Modularbuilding parts that have been preassembled between window and door units
Mullionsvertical and horizontal members between window and door units
Muntinsdivide the glass into smaller panes
Sheathinga covering material placed over walls, floors, and roofs which serves as a backing for finishing materials
Sillthe horizontal member placed at the bottom of walls and openings and walls

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