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Action Verbs (Chinese, Pinyin Vs English)

All words included here are verbs. You can either match Chinese characters or pinyin with English.

For example: Chinese character "喝" with pinyin "he(1)" means "drink", you have to match it with "drink" in English.

1st tone: ma(1)
2nd tone: ma(2)
3rd tone: ma(3)
4th tone: ma(4)
neutral : ma

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喝 he(1)drink
吃 chi(1)eat
煮 zhu(3)cook
点菜 dian(3) cai(4)order (food)
收拾 (饭桌) shou(1) shi(2) [fan(4) zhuo(1)]clear (the table)
摆 (饭桌) bai(3) [fan(4) zhuo(1)]set (the table)
给 gei(3)give
拿 na(2)take; hold
点燃 dian(3) ran(2)light
烫 tang(4)burn
油漆 you(2) qi(1)paint
清洗 qing(1) xi(3)clean
挖 wa(1)dig
种植 zhong(4) zhi(2)plant
浇水 jiao(1) shui(3)water (plant)
割草 ge(1) cao(3)mow
拔 ba(2)pick (the weed)
修理 xiu(1) li(3)trim (the tree)
装 zhuang(1)fill (the bag)
背 bei(1)carry (the bag)
砍 kan(3)chop
推 tui(1)push
搅拌 jiao(3) ban(4)stir
倒 dao(4)pour
削皮 xiao(1) pi(2)peel
打 da(3)break, beat (the egg)
切 qie(1)cut
剁 duo(4)chop
蒸 zheng(1)steam
炸 zha(4)fry
折 zhe(2)fold
擦亮 ca(1) liang(4)polish
挂 gua(4)hang
扫 sao(3)sweep
修理 xiu(1) li(3)repair
洗 xi(3)wash
举手 ju(3) shou(3)raise (one's hand)
摸, 碰 mo(1), peng(4)touch
读 du(2)read
关 guan(1)close
听 ting(1)listen
写 xie(3)write
走 zou(3)walk
撕 si(1)tear (a piece of paper)
打字 da(3) zi(4)type
画 hua(4)draw
离开 li(2) kai(1)leave
进来 jin(4) lai(2)enter
拉 la(1)pull
踢 ti(1)kick
接 jie(1)catch (the ball)
传 chuan(2)pass
跑 pao(3)run
跌到 die(2) dao(4)fall
跳 tiao(4)jump
扔 reng(1)throw
骑 qi(2)ride
开车 kai(1) che(1)drive (a car)
射 she(4)shoot
闻 wen(2)smell
看 kan(4)look


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