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review of vocabulary from Ecce Romani IA, including Chapters 10-16 but not Chapter 17

area, aeopen space, threshing floor
cista, aetrunk, chest
filia, aedaughter
fossa, aeditch
hora, aehour
ianua, aedoor
ira, aeanger
littera, aeletter (of the alphabet)
porta, aegate
raeda, aecarriage
via, aestreet
vinea, aevineyard
dominus, imaster
equus, ihorse
filius, ison
liberi, orumchildren
numerus, inumber
raedarius, icoachman
vilicus, ioverseer, farm manager
vir, viriman, husband
canis, is (masc. or fem.)dog
frater, fratrisbrother
frons, frontisforehead
mater, matrismother
nox, noctisnight
nocteat night
parens, parentisparent
pater, patrisfather
soror, sororissister
uxor, uxoriswife
alius, alia, aliumanother, other
bonus, bona, bonumgood
nullus, nulla, nullumno, none
paratus, parata, paratumready, prepared
plenus, plena, plenumfull
secundus, a, umsecond
semisomnus, a, umhalf-asleep
suus, a, umhis, her, its, their
omnes, omniaall, everyone, everything
celo, are, avi, atusto hide (CONCEAL)
convoco, are, avi, atusto call together (CONVOCATION)
excito, are, avi, atusto rouse, wake up (EXCITE)
exclamo, are, avi, atusto exclaim, shout out (EXCLAIM)
festino, are, avi, atusto hurry
incito, are, avi, atusto urge on, drive (INCITE)
intro, intrare, avi, atusto enter, go in (INTRODUCTION)
lacrimo, are, avi, atusto weep, cry (LACRIMOSE)
latro, latrare, avi, atusto bark
musso, are, avi, atusto mutter
rogo, are, avi, atusto ask (INTERROGATION)
sto, stare, steti, staturusto stand (STATE, STATUS, STATINERY)
tempto, are, avi, atusto try (ATTEMPT)
verbero, are, avi, atusto beat
habeo, habEre, habui, habitusto have, hold
iubeo, iubEre, iussi, iussusto order (JUSTICE)
maneo, manEre, mansi, mansurusto remain, stay (MANSION)
soleo, solEreto be accustomed
taceo, tacEreto be quiet (TACIT)
teneo, tenEreto hold (TENANT)
discedo, discedereto go away, to depart
gero, gerereto wear
induo, induereto put on
inuro, inurereto brand
mitto, mittere, misi, misusto send (MISSION, TRANSMIT...)
pono, ponere, posui, positusto put, place
promitto, promittereto promise
traho, trahere, traxi, tractusto pull, drag (TRACTOR, CONTRACT)
effugio, effugereto flee
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactusto throw
olfacio, olfacereto smell (OLFACTORY)
impedio, ireto hinder, prevent (IMPEDE)
invenio, ireto find (INVENT)
nescio, nescireto not know, to be ignorant
scio, scireto know (SCIENCE)
abeo, abireto go away
absum, abesseto be away, to be absent (ABSENT)
fero, ferre, tuli, latusto carry, to bring (REFER)
mihito me, for me
prope (+ acc.)near
sub (+ abl.)under
in (+ acc.)into
in (+ abl.)in
per (+ acc.)through, along
cum (+ abl.)with
ad (+ acc.)to, toward
e or ex (+ abl.)away from, out of
celeriterquickly (ACCELERATE)
crastomorrow (PROCRASTINATE)
deindethen, ext
tandemat last
iterumagain (REITERATE)
simulat the same time
taedebatit bored (TEDIOUS)
aperio, ireto open
pila, aeball
Visne...?Do you want...?
ludo, ludereto play
eamher, it
excipio, ereto welcome, receive, catch
alter...alterumthe one...the other (ALTERNATE)
iocus, ijoke, prank (JOKE)
ferio, ferireto hit, strike
verto, vertereto turn (VERSION, REVERT)
animus, imind (ANIMATE)
in animo habereto have in mind, to intend
apud (+ acc.)with
relinquo, ereto leave behind (RELIC)
itaqueand so, therefore
hospes, hospitisguest, host, friend (HOSPITALITY)
de (+ abl.)concerning, about
mortuus, a, umdead (MORTICIAN)
laetus, a, umhappy
strenuus, a, umenergetic (STRENUOUS)
iamnow, already
possum, posseto be able (POTENTIAL)
sum, esseto be
haero, ereto remain (ADHERE)
culpa, aefault (CULPABLE)
ars, artisart, skill (ART)
ago, agereto drive (AGENT)
incolumis, issafe
gaudeo, ereto rejoice, to be glad
periculum, idanger (PERIL)
periculosus, a, umdangerous
quodbecause OR that, which
extraho, trahereto drag out (EXTRACT)

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