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English 4 1st quarter Exam

Why is the Angle-Saxon period usually dated from 449?it starts from the first invasion of Britain
Who occupied the British Isles before the coming of the Anglo-Saxons?the Britons
Why has so little Anglo-Saxon poetry survived?poem were not written down and they did not survive
What function was performed by the scop?tribal historian, he made and sang poetry of tribal events and folklore
What are the two major traditions of Anglo-Saxon poetry?heroic and elegiac
With what work is Bede associated?A History of the English Church and People
What event brought the Anglo-Saxon period to a close?Norman Conquest in 1066
Who defeated the Anglo-Saxons?Normans
T/F The Anglo-Saxon civilization gave us the calendar of the days of the week, Monday, Tuesday, etc.True
Beowulf is an epic in heroic tradition, and it focuses upon ___ of a central hero.bravery
Before Alfred of Wessex, the poetry was written in which language?Latin
What is an epic?A long narrative telling about the deeds of a hero
What are the characteristics of an epic?. the battle between good and evil, 2. superhuman feats of bravery, and 3. loyalty to one’s king and leader
Who is identified as Grendel’s ancestor?Cain
For how long does Grendel terrorize the Danes?Twelve years
Why is Grendel unable to attack King Hrothgar?Hrothgar’s throne is protected by God
Who is Higlac’s follower?Beowulf
Beowulf accuses Unferth of a terrible crime. What is it?Unferth murdered his own relatives
Who is Welthow?Hrothgar’s queen
Why are weapons useless against Grendel?Grendel is protected by magic
What happens to the dragon’s treasure?It is buried in the earth
What monument is built to Beowulf’s memory?A tower by the sea
What is a kennings?A metaphorical phrase used instead of a name—Grendel is called “shepherd of evil”
What do the kennings refer to: whale - road, sea paths, God’s bright beacon, Heaven high archSea, water routes, sun, sky
Shild, father of Beo and great grandfather of Hrothgar, was king of theDanes
Shild’s body was gloriouslySent out to sea
Herot, Hrothgar’s greet hall, is built to withstand everything exceptfire
Grendel lives inThe marsh and moor
When Grendel begins killing Hrothgar’s men, theyAbandon Herot
Beowulf kills Grendel withHis bare hands
Beowulf comes to Hrothgar’s kingdom toFight Grendel and prove his heroism
Which of the following is not quality of Beowulf’s that comes out in the story?compassion
The central conflict of the story is betweenGood and evil
Whom does Grendel’s mother killHrothgar’s best friend
Beowulf kills Grendel’s mother withA sword
What trophy does Beowulf take after he kills Grendel’s mother?Grendel’s claw
The fire dragon is awakened byA thief
Beowulf goes out to fight the fire dragon becauseIt is terrorizing the Geats
When Beowulf is dying, he asks the Geats toBuild a tower in his honor
The gold and jewels Beowulf and Wiglaf take from the dragon areLeft in Beowulf’s tomb
T/F When he goes out to fight Grendel’s mother, Beowulf is given a sword by one of Hrothgar’s courtiers.true
T/F In the battle with Grendel’s mother, Beowulf’s life is saved by the armor he wears.true
T/f Beowulf needs help to kill the fire dragon.false
T/False Wiglaf is Beowulf’s sontrue
When Beowulf hears about the fire dragon, he believes thatHe must have broken God’s law
Which of the following is not an indication of a stereotypical trait of Beowulf’s?He blames himself for the dragon’s evil
Why does Beowulf want Wiglaf to bring him the jewels from the dragon’s castle?He wants the comfort of seeing the prize he has won
When Grendel enters the hall, he thinks thatAll the Geats are asleep
When Beowulf grabs Grendel, Grendel realizes tat Beowulf isThe strongest man he has ever met
Grendel calls for help fromHis mother
According to Grendel, which of the following is most responsible for the outcomes of his battle with Beowulf?An accident
During the fight, Beowulf forces Grendel tosing
T/f Grendel is the speaker in the passage Grendel.true
T/f Grendel’s last words are meant as a threat or warning.true
T/f In this version of the story, Grendel takes Beowulf by surprise.false
T/f In this version of the story, Grendel implies his mother is already dead.true
T/f In this version of the story, Grendel is numb with terror when he first walks in the hall.false
“the world’s honor ages and shrinks” contains an example ofmetaphor
The poem suggests that the speaker in “ The Seafarer”That he is no longer strong enough to go to sea
The phrase “hardship groaned” in the poem “ The Seafarer” is an example ofpersonification
T/F The seafarer was really a pirate.false
T/F The speaker in “ The Seafarer” suggests that all of life is like a sea journey.true
T/F The speaker in “ The Seafarer” says that all who go to sea are sometimes afraid.true
T/F In the poem “ The Seafarer” important religious themes are presented in the first third of the poem.false
Before he dies, Beowulf wishes to seeThe dragon’s treasure “This last of all prizes.”
What is the implication of Beowulf wanting to see the dragon’s treasure?The lust for gold is ultimately destructive of all men, even kings and heroes
How does Beowulf defeat GrendelBeowulf kills Grendel, kills Grendel’s mother, and then beheads Grendel
Why is Beowulf celebration so briefHe has to fight the dragon
In “The Seafarer” what is the attitude of the narrator toward the pasthe says that the present is a weak reflection of the past; all glory is tarnished
What is the ending statement of the narrator of “Seafarer” toward man’s goal..Strive to have eternal glory with God; the speaker praise eternal God and his glory
In the poem “The Wanderer, “what is the presence of Christian and pre-Christian references in both poems, and what are the reason for both being present.The wanderer is similar to Adam’s exile out of the Garden of Eden
What is the reason why the wanderer is wandering.He is looking for a new lord and dreamng of better days.
In “The Seafarer” what is the attitude of the speak toward the sea?He loves the journey and the adventure even though the sea is cold and hard
What are the images in The Wanderer?They are wintry images—wintry sea, icy waves
What is the author’s tone in The Wanderer?Sad, melancholy, resigned
Why did the wanderer leave his home and embark on the sea voyage?After the death of his protector, he went looking for another protector or lord.
The attitude of the tavern-knave toward Death is one ofrespect
The tavern-knave claims that the best attitude to take toward Death is toBe careful of him
At first, the attitude of the three rioters toward Death is one ofsuperiority
As the rioters go out on their search, their language isBold, profane, boastful
Which of the following reflects the old man’s attitude toward dying?yearning
The old man scolds the three rioters for theirdisrespect
The three rioters believe that the old man isDeath’s spy
Which of the three rioters commits murder?All of them
Death defeats the three rioters by appealing to theirgreed
How does the Pardoner describe his own character and morals in his Prologue?He admits he is greedy
According to the Pardoner’s Tale, why are the three rioters looking for death?They want to kill him
What does the old man tell the three rioters?He tells them that they’ll find Death under a nearby tree
How do the three rioters treat the old man?They treat him roughly and scornfully
What plan do the rioters form together?After they discover the pile of gold coins, the rioters decides that the youngest should go to town for food and drink.
Explain this plan that the three rioters planThe plan for two men to stay behind and guard the treasure until nightfall. Then the three of them will carry the gold away. However, the two left behind decide to murder the youngest when he returns. This way, they will have two people to split the gold. In town, the youngest rioter forms a plan to kill the other two with poisoned win. He thinks he will have the gold for himself.
Explain how it proves fatal to the three men.When the youngest man returns, the other two swiftly kill him. Then they sit down and eat and drink. When they drink the poisoned wine, they die.
After the Pardoner finishes his tale, why does a quarrel arise between him and the Host? Who patches up the quarrel?The Host refuses to buy a pardon or to kiss the Pardoner’s ring
How do the little tavern knave and the publican use personification to describe Death?The tavern knave describes Death as a thief. Later the publican says that Death has killed many people in the village. He thinks that Death lives around the area.
Explain how the rioters’ responses to the personification is ironic?The idea of “killing” Death is ironic
What do you think the poor old man symbolizes?The poor old man symbolizes Death
How many layers of irony can you identify in this tale?The rioters did literally find Death under the tree, though their greed for the gold. It is ironic that their plots backfired and lead to their destruction.
Describe the contrast between the ethics of the Pardoner as described in the Prologue and the moral of the sermon he preaches?The moral of the Pardoner's sermon is that greed is the root of all evil; ironically, the Pardoner lives by greed.
Is the Pardoner truly evil?yes he is greedy from the beging
What is Chaucer satirizing in the Pardoner’s Tale?Chaucer seems to be satirizing greed, pride, and violence
What moral does the Pardoner want us to draw from his tale?He wants us to draw the moral that greed may lead to death and destruction
What moral do you think Chaucer wants you to draw from the whole story of the Pardoner?From the story of the Pardoner, we may take the message that crooks and hypocrites sometimes are disguised in clothing of honest people
What has the Wanderer learned about sorrow and misfortune?The Wanderer has learned that human beings who desire honor should veil their sorrow, for misfortune is inevitable in this life
Why did the Wanderer leave his home and embark on the sea voyage?After the death of his lord, the Wanderer left home and embarked on a voyage to find another king who would be willing to serve as his protector
What happier memories does the Wanderer recall?The Wanderer recalls memories of his youth, when he was happy in the hall with his lord and his companions
What mournful events does he describe?The Wanderer describes the death of his lord, his own endless voyaging, the loss of his kin and friends, the decay of battlements and wine-halls, and the death of his proud host
How does the Wanderer describe a wise man?He says that a wise man is patient, even tempered, not hasty of speech, not greedy, and not eager to make vows that he may not be able to keep
Would you describe the Wanderer’s tone as resigned, ironic, bitter, or self-pitying?It is bitter or harshly ironic
What symbolic meaning do you think this wandering exile might have?To Adam and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden
What passages explain why the Seafarer seeks the rigors of the sea rather than the delight of the land?The speaker dislikes the “passion of cities, swelled proud with wine.”
According to the speaker of the Seafarer, what are the three threats of fate?Illness, age, and death from an enemy’s sword
How does the speaker contrast the present state of the world with the past?The present is a pale reflection of the past; men have grown old and weak and “all glory is cherished”
What prayer concludes the poem?The speaker praises God, the creator of earth
What scene does he describe?The speaker describes himself on watch on the bow of a ship in a wintry sea
The seafarer was really a pirate.false
The world’s honor ages and shrinks contains an example of ametaphor
The Seafarer complainsThat a better world which once existed has somehow been lost
The poem suggests the speakerLoves the sea despite its dangers and difficulties
The speaker draws a contrast betweenWinter and spring
The phrase hardship groaned is an example ofpersonification
The Seafarer suggests that all of life is like a sea journey.true
The Seafarer says that all who go to sea are sometimes afraid.true
Importance religious themes are presented in the first third of the poemtrue
In the Prologue the speaker of the poem is the Host.false
In the Prologue the Pilgrims are on their way to Canterbury.true
In the Prologue the squire is the son of the Knight.true
In the Prologue it is the Host’s idea to have a story-telling contest.true
In the Prologue the winner of the contest is to be paid in gold.false
In the Prologue each Pilgrim has 4 chances to win the contest.true
In the Prologue anyone who fails to tell his or her stories must the pay the cost of the journey.true
In the Prologue the Host stays behind to prepare a welcome for the Pilgrims.false
KnightFollows the code of chivalry, has fought in many battles, Christian, wise, modest, in his work cloths. perfect, selfless hero
SquireSon of the knight, romantic lover, 20 years old
Prioress, NunSpoke daintily in French, she liked to keep clean.
FranklinGluttony, eats and drinks his bread is white. Mad his house free to all the country. His bread and ale were finest of the fine. His food was the finest.
SkipperCruelty; He is not a good horseman; drinks, steals and doesn’t live by rules.
DoctorDishonesty; believes gold is good for the heart; practiced astronomy to cure patients
MillerHe cheats by weigh grain on the scale by putting his thumb on it. Wart on his nose.
SummonerHad a red face. He had carbuncles, his eyes were narrow. He liked onions, leeks and drinking strong red wine. He would say words in latin when drunk.
PlowmanThe Plowman is brother of the Parson. He is honest, good, industrious, and charitable.
ReeveServed as a superintendent of estate, responsible for the crops and animals. He is cheating and taking profits for himself
Oxford ClerkPoor starving scholar, he spent money what ever he got from his friends he spent on books.
ParsonParson gives to the poor. The Parson is a true follower of Christ.
Near the beginning of the Prologue, the narrator reveals that his main motivation for making the Pilgrimage isReligious devotion
In general, the attitude of the characters toward the pilgrimage is one ofenthusiasm
When the narrator says of the Summoner, “You’d meet none better if you went to find one, he isBeing sarcastic
Which of the following pairs of characters does the narrator admire most?The Parson and the Knight
Of the following characters, which is portrayed as being dainty?The Pardoner
To win the contest proposed by the host, a pilgrim must tell the story that is judged to be theMost pleasing and uplifting
What does the host suggest as a prize for the best story?A supper paid for by all of the Pilgrims

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