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Chapter 5.1 Skeletal Tissue

Cells that make bone material are called _______.Osteoblasts
What are the bones in an adult that still have red bone marrow?Ribs, vertebrae, skull, and femur
List five functions of bone.Protection, support, movement, mineral storage, and hematopoiesis
The first skeleton is made of ______.Cartilage
The process of osteoblasts and osteoclasts reshaping bones is called ____________.Osteogenesis
Cells that erode bone minerals are called ________.Osteoclasts
Most bones form through what process?Endochondral
Bony plates in spongy bone are called ________.Trabeculae
Bone formation is called ______.Ossification
What type of marrow does a child have?Red bone marrow
Mature bone cells are called __________.Osteocytes
This type of bone fracture protrudes through the skin.Open or compound
At what point in a person's life do osteoblasts work faster than osteoclasts?childhood
Give an example of when yellow bone marrow may turn to red.Anemia
Why do bones reshape?Respond to increase stress
What type of marrow makes blood?Red
Which bones use intermembraneous ossification?(flat or ribs, skull, and scapula
What is a linear fracture?a vertical fracture
This is a disease where your body loses calcium.Osteoporosis
Greenstick fractures are common in what segment of the population.children
Name 4 signs of a fracture.(pain, swelling, loss of function, and deformity
Explain the treatment of bone fractures.Realignment, immobilization, and rehabilitation.
What type of fracture is transvere?Horizontal fracture
Why is a compound fracture worse than a simple fracture?A compound fracture is more likely to get infection
Another name for bone tissue is ________ tissue.Osseous
What are the two types of bone?Spongy and Compact
What is another name for spongy bone?Cancellous
What are the four types of bone?Long, short, flat, and irregular
What is an oblique fracture?A fracture that is at a diagonal
Thin membrane that lines the medullary cavity is called ____.Endosteum
The ends of the bone are called __________.Epiphysis
When a bone has a hairline fracture and is not all the way through it is called an _______ fracture.Incomplete
When the spine curves from side to side it is called ________.Scoliosis
This is the layer of cartilage on the epiphysis.Articular
The main shaft of a bone is called the ________.Diaphysis
What are the two minerals found in bone?Calcium and Phosphorous
This is the dense membrane that covers the bone.Periosteum
Bone marrow that is rich in fat is called _______ marrow.Yellow marrow
This gives the spine the strength to hold our weight.its curve
Cancer of the bone is called __________.Osteosarcoma
How can osteoporosis be prevented?Drinking lots of milk

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