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SuBjUnCtIvE pHrAsEs!!!

Identify each type of Latin Subjunctive Phrases by matching each phrase with it's proper translation and type of clause. (i.e either Horatory Subjunctive, Adverbial Clause of Purpose, Relative Clause of purpose, Indirect command, or Sequence of Tense.) Feleciter and have fun!

Conveniant omnesLet hem all come (Horatory Subjunctive)
Ne FrangaturLet it not be broken(Horatory Subjunctive)
Alios rogat ut in domum procederentHe asked some to proceed into the house(Indirect command)
Hi ianitorem orant ne se dimittatThey kept begging the doorkeeper not to send them away(Indirect command)
Mittam viros qui defendant potemI shall send men to defend the bridge (Relative clause of Purpose)
Venit ut videret eosHe has come to see them(Adverbial clause of purpose)
Fugerat ne necareturHe fled so as not to be killed(Adverbial clause of Purpose)
Librum tuum legamLet me read your book(Horatory Subjunctive)
Nos ne videatLet us not see him(Horatory Subjunctive)
Venerit ut audiat nosHe will have come to hear us(Relative Clause of Purpose)
Cornelius amicos clientesque invitat ut domum suam cras veniatCornelius invited his friends and clients to come to his house tommorrow(Indirect Command)
Ianitor aliis domui appropinquantibus praecipit ut in via maneantThe doorkeeper told some who approached the house to proceed(Indirect Command)
Mittam nuntium qui nuntiat huncI shall send a messenger to report this(Relative Clause of Purpose)
Adient ut viderent te They will come to look at you(Adverbial Clause of Purpose)

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