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Huck Finn ,R&J,TKM, Night, Mammon/Gift,poetry, you get the picture...

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Plot of the CrucibleHavoc breaks out in a small Puritan community when many people are accused of being witches.
Setting of Crucible1692-Salem,Mass-Springtime
Characters in the CrucibleAbigale,Elizabeth.Tituba.Mary Warren.Goody Nurse, Proctor, Hale, Parris
ThemeFear of unknown (witches/woods) Love: lust/maddness(Proctor and Abby) Proctor=common man, Abigail-support of hystarical girls (afraid of truth) IRONY=sin to kill
Plot of Gift/MammonTwo people sell the things they most treasure to but their loved a christmas gift/A rich guy proves that money can buy love
Setting of Gift/MammonEarly 1900's- big homes v. modest; social standing, wealth
Characters in Gift/MammonRockwall, R. Rockwalll/ Jim, Della
Theme of Gift/MammonIRONY: sacraafice of prized stuff; opression b/c lack of $$$?/$$
Plot of Huck FinnStory about a boy growing up inthe south who helps a slave escape to freedom
Setting of Huck Finn1800's- Hannibal Missouri; Along the Mississippi River; Black/Whiite; The cabin; Grangerfords house
Characters of Huck FinnHuck,Jim,Tom, Widow Douglas, Aunt Sally, Grangerfords, Duke, King, Pap, Sherpardsons, Mary Jane, Judge Thatcher
Themes of Huck FinnPlutonic love--Huck/Jim, Ignorance-->oppression; Irony-helping to escape slavery is evil
Plot of Romeo and Juliettwo star-crossed lovers, both alike in dignity... fall in love and then end up dead (depressing isn't it)
Setting of Romeo and Juliethouse, apothacary, Verona,Italy--Early Renassiance
Characters of R&JRomeo, Juliet, Tybalt, Benvolio, Capulet (Lady), Montague (Lady), Prince, Friar Lwrence, Mercutio, Benvolio, Paris, Nurse
Themes of R&Jlove yet tragic; plutonic love--R&Mercutio; love v. lohalty; ingnorance and intolarence =tragedy
Plot of NightHolocaust Surviror shares his tale
Setting of Night1940-1941--death camps, ghetto, marches, hospital
CHaracters in NightElie, Father, Moshe Beatle, liberators, other Jews, Kapo, SS officers
Themes in nightIgnorance,hystaria, oppression, violence (like crucible) IRONY: no one speaks up
Plot of To kill a mockingbirdStory of growing up in the south during the depression
Setting of TKM1930's Mabcomb; Finch home; tree
Characters in TKMatticus, jem, scout, judge, elwell, dubose, mayella, robinson, calperia, radleys, dill, ms. rachel, ms. maudie, aunt alexandra
Theme in TKMPlutonic love->Calpurnia;scout;jem, being different ; stand up for what you agree . . .; "coming of age" for both jem and scout
Poetry and Sonnets to knowShakespear #18 (Shall Icompare,,,); Season @ shore (intolarent speaker); Portrait of Girl with COmic book (coming of age thing)
Quotes from NIght"...struggling between life and death, dying in slow agony under our eyes. And we had to look him full in the face" (symbolizes how no one speaks up-crucible)
Quotes from RJ"so shows a snowy dove trooping with crows" (love; tolarence)
Quote from Huck finn"she's going to adopt me and sivilize me, and I can't stand it, I been there before." (tolarence, going back)
Quote from a poem"Thirteen (jem's age) no age at all, thireen is nothing" (sums up what jem's feeling were in the end of the story)
quote from TKM"shootin a mockingbird, isn't it" (intolarence, evil, etc )


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