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The Super Educational Comparative & Superlative Adjective Game

Match each form of the adjective to its superlative, positive, or comparative degree, number, and case.

BonusNom., sing., positive
MeliorNom., sing., comparative
OptimusNom., sing., superlative
MagnusNom., sing., positive
MaiorNom., sing., comparative
MaximusNom., sing., superlative
ParvusNom., sing., positive
MinorNom., sing., comparative
MinimusNom., sing., superlative
PulchriorNom., sing., comparative
PulcherrimiNom., pl., superlative
PulcherNom., sing., positive
IgnavusNom., sing., positive
IgnavioresNom., pl., comparitive
IgnavissimusNom., sing., superlative
FacilisNom., sing., positive
FaciliorNom., sing., comparative
FacillimiNom., pl., superlative
PluresNom., sing., comparative
PlurimiNom., pl., superlative


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