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Lessons 10-12 11th grade

ambivalencea. The simultaneous existence of conflicting feelings or thoughts, such as love and hate, about a person, an object, or an idea. b. Uncertainty or indecisiveness as to what course to follow; fluctuation.
avail(noun) Use, benefit, or advantage. (trans. verb) To be of use or advantage to; help.(intrans. verb) To be of use, value, or advantage; serve: Good intentions will not avail without effort.
equivalenta. Equal in quantity, force, meaning, or value. b. Having similar or identical functions or effects. c. Practically equal: a wish that was equivalent to a command.
evaluationa. The act of judging the value or worth of. b. The result of evaluating; a judgement or appraisal.
evincea. To show or exhibit, as an emotion. b. To demonstrate clearly or convincingly; make evident.
invalids. Being without foundation or force in fact, truth, or law; not in effect; worthless. b. Falsely bases or reasoned; faulty unjustified: invalid conclusion (noun) A chronically ill or disabled person.
invaluablea. Of inestimable use or help; indispensable. b. Having great value; priceless
prevaila. To be greater in strength or influence; triumph. b. To be or become effective c. To be most common or frequent; be predominant.
valedictory(adj) Bidding farewell (noun) a farewell address.
vanquisha. To defeat in battle, conflict, or competition. b. To overcome or subdue, as an emotion; supress
abounda. To be great in number or amount. b. To be fully supplied or filled; teem.
amplitudea. Greatness of size; magnitude. b. Fullness. c. Breadth or range, as of intelligence.
augmenta. To make greater, as in size, extent, or quantity; increase. b. In music, to increase (an interval) by a half tone.
brevitya. Breifness of duration b. Concise expression; terseness.
commensuratea. Of the same size, extent, or duration. b. Corresponding in size or degree; proportionate.
diminisha. To make smaller or less or cause to appear smaller or less. b. To detract from authority, rank or prestige of. c. In music, to reduce (an interval) by a half a tone. (intrans. verb) To become smaller or less.
infinitesimalImmesurably or incaluculably tiny.
modicumA small amount or quantity
prodigiousa. Impressively great in size, force, or extent; enormous. b. Extraordinary; marvelous
quotaa. A proportional share assigned to a group or a member of a group; allotment. b. A maximum or fixed number or amount.
abdicate(verb) To relinquish formally. (intrans. verb) To relinquish high office or responsiblity.
abnegateTo deny oneself; renounce
absolvea. To pronounce clear of blame or guilt. b. To releive from obligation. c. To pardon (a sin)
catharsisA purifying or figurative cleansing or release of tension.
countermanda. To cancel or reverse. b. To recall by contrary order. (noun) An order or command reversing another.
recantTo make formal retraction or disavowal of( a statement or previously held beleif). (intrans verb) To make a formal retraction ot disavowel of a previously held beleif.
recoupTo receive an equivalent for; make up for
renunciationThe act of giving something up, especially by formal announcement.
rescindTo make void; repeal or annul.
waivea. To relinquish or give up voluntarily b. To refrain from insisting upon or enforcing; dispense with.

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