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Latin Vocab for 5-25-99


terthree times
accendo, accendere, accendi, accensusto kindle, ignite, to make hotter, intensify
apex, apicisthe top or point of something
temptareto feel
mollesco, mollescereto become soft or yeilding
subsido, subsidere, subsedito crouch down, to yeild, to give way to
cera, -aebeeswax, wax
remollesco, remollescereto become soft again
tracto, -are, -avi, -atusto keep pulling, dragging; to handle, rub, stroke
pollex, pollicisthumb
dubiehesitating, wiht hesitation
votathe objects of his prayers
retracto, -are, -avi, -atusto draw back, to handle or feel agian or repeatedly
salio, salire, salui, saltusto jump, leap; to move suddenly, pulse
vena, -aeblood-vessel, vein
grates, gratiumthanks, thanksgiving
erubesco, erubescere, erubuito blush wiht shame, feel shame
paritertogether; at the same time
coniugium, -imarriage
pariter...viditat the very same time she saw both her lover and she light of her first day


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