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ArchaeologyScientific study of remains of past human cultures
ArchaeologistPeople who investigate lives of early people by studying their remains
Discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb1922
Discoverer of King Tutankhamen's tombHoward Carter
Method used to search for underground sitesAerial photography
Process in which archaeologists dig for buried objectsExcavation
Method used to uncover underwater objectsSonar scanning
Broken pieces of potteryPotsherds
How objects are groupedLocation and type
3 basic kinds of archaeological evidenceArtefacts, Features and Ecofacts
Levels of deposit in the earthStrata
Archaeological study of strataStratigraphy
MoundUnnatural hump on landscape
How archaeologists interpret findingsClassification, dating and evaluation
Best-known method for dating woodDendrochronology
Natural LayersMud and clay
Cultural layersBroken pots left on a floor inside a house
Two main methods of classificationTypology and seriation
Two major methods used in dating objectsRelative dating and absolute dating
Sites can beAboveground, underground or underwater

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