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Vocab and Grammar Review

definiton of gallantbrave and noble
definiton of fraynoisy fight
definiton of martialmilitary
definiton of exilebanish
definiton of elequencespeech that is vivid, forceful
definiton of ficklechangeable
definiton of predominanthaving dominating influence over others
definiton of cunningcleverness, slyness
definiton of intercessionthe act of pleading in behalf of another
definiton of procureget, obtain
definiton of vileworthless, cheap, low
definiton of sallowof a sickly, pale-yellowish complection
definiton of lamentabledistressing, sad
definiton of wavererone show changes or is unsteady
definiton of unwieldyawkward, clumsy
definiton of perniciouscausing great injury or ruin
definiton of trangressionwrongdoing, sin
definiton of hereticsthose who hold a belief opposed to the established teachings of a church
definiton of augmentingincreasing, enlarging
definiton of grievanceinjustice, complaint
definiton of interactto carry on between two or more people
definiton of intermissioninterval of time between acts
definiton of intersectto cut of divide by passing through or across
correct use of direct addressDo you quarrel, sir?
incorrect use of direct addressCome, madam let's away.
illogical comparisonJuliet's nurse implies that she thinks Romeo is as handsome as any man.
logical comparisonJuliet's nurse implies that she thinks Romeo is as handsome as any other man.
logical comparison uses these words when making a comparisonother / else
subject of a verbTybalt thrusts at Mercutio's chest, who then turns his sword on Tybalt.
object of a prepositionJuliet again waits for Nurse, from whom she expects news of Romeo.
object of a verbLady Capults scolds Juliet, whom she had told with eagerness of her marriage to Paris.
can replace who with...he / she
can replace whom withhim / her
definiton of dramatic foilopposite characters paired together
definiton of oxymoronopposite words paired together
correct dramatic foilRomeo and Mercutio
incorrect dramatic foilJuliet and Paris
correct oxymoronbrawing/love
incorrect oxymoronShe eats with her foot.
definiton of Romeo and Juliettragic play read in class

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