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Ancient Roman Empire Vocabulary

7th grade

republiccitazens who have the right to select their leaders
patriciansthe 300 upper classmen in the senate
plebiansordinary citizens
consulsthe 2 men who lead the government
vetorejection of a bill by the president
dictatoran official who had all powers of the king but could only hold office for 6 months
Romulus & Remusfounders of Rome who supposedly were raised by a wolf
Etruscansancient people who lived in the area which is now Rome
Julius Caesara dictator that became permanent & was murdered because of his power
OctavianRome's first emperor
Romethe capital city of Italy
Italyboot shaped country in southern Europe
Carthagewas an ancient city on the north coast of Africa
Gaulspeople that lived in the central part of Europe that were conquured by Julius Caesar
Tiber Rivera river that goes through Italy leading to Rome
provincearea with own government and army that are part of an empire divided
aqueductsstructures that carried water over long distances
Caligulaone of Rome's worst emperors
Hadrianone of Rome's best emperors
Greecea country in the south eastern part of Europe
CollosseumRome's greatest building ( arena)
Circusan arena
Martiala poet
Senecaa writer
Messiaha savior in Judiism & Christianity
gospelthe first 4 books of the New Testament in the Christian Bible
disciplea follower of a person or belief
epistlea letter
martyra person who chooses to die for their beliefs
Jesusfounder of Christianity
Pauldisciple of Jesus
NeroRoman emperor from 54A.D. to 68 A.D.
Judeathe name of the southern half of the kingdom of the Isralites
mercenarya foreign soldier who serves in an army only for pay
inflationan economic situation in which there is more money of less value
Constantineemperor of Rome from 312A.D. to 337 A.D.
Doiudetianemperor of Rome from 284A.D. to 305 A.D.
Constantinopalancient city of Byzantium

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