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Children of the River Vocabulary

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kramaa piece of cloth used as a sling/cradle for a baby
parasolsmall, light umbrella used for sun protection
sarongouter garment worn by men/women as an outer skirt
tentativedone as a trial; not definite or final
vulnerablecapable of being wounded; easily hurt, sensitive
pungentsharp and stinging to the taste or smell
disdainfullyfeeling dislike for something or someone thought of as beneath one; look down on
admonitionwarning, mild reprimand, cautioning
inexplicablethat cannot be explained
wistfullysadly songing, yearning
quaylanding place for boats and ships
languishingto grow weak or feeble; live under unpleasant conditions that cause loss of health
sojournto live or stay in a place for a brief time
respitebrief period of rest or relief
askewout of proper position
stealthilymoving or acting in a secret manner
retortsquick, witty, or sharp replies
brazenlywithout shame; boldly
tiradelong, very emothonal speech

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