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April Morning Vocabulary

Set 1
Use these activities to review vocabulary.

atheistone who does not believe in the existence of God
croniesfriends, companions
deemedconsidered, judged
rancorbitter, long lasting resentment
contemplatingthinking deeply
fillipa snap of the fingers
superstitionany belief unreasonably held by faith, magic, or chance
blasphemousshowing contempt toward God
dissenterspeople who refuse to accept established beliefs
abominationsomething or someone that elicits strong dislike
manifestoa public declaration of intentions or beliefs
fortnighta period of two weeks
cozento deceive by trickery or fraud
indignationanger aroused by something unjust
enlightento give knowledge or truth to
yeomanan independent farmer
provokingto incite to anger or resentment; annot
ominousthreatening; fortelling of danger
gratifiedpleased or satisfied
opinionatedholding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one's own opinion
humilitymodesty; lack of pride
acknowledgementact of admitting; recognition of someone's or something's existence
enamoredcharmed, captivated, inspired with love
doggeralpoor, worthless
speculatingwatching, observing, reflecting on a given subject
kindreda group of related persons; a family; similar
bigamybeing married to two people at the same time
apocryphalfalse, counterfeit
skulkto sneak around
fraya fight
deferto put off, postpone

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