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Ancient greece

study ancient greece for grade 6 provincaials

Alexander the GreatKing when fillip was murded and server greece very well
The Dark AgesFrom 1050 to 950 BC
AnrisocracyA ruling class of nobles
City-StateAn idependent Government
Classical-Period550 to 300 BC
AcropolisA Rocky Hill
Hellenistic Period300 to 30 BC
ostracismBanished or removed
SymposieumAn after dinner party held by men
Staplebasic foods that anyone would eat in Greece
prosperTo thride
MionionsLived from 300 BC
MaritimeA country by the sea
punchestools that will make holes
Serfs slaves who work on the landfor their owners
trimemesthey were the most powerful military ships used by the ancient greeks
trojen horsewas a wooden hores
Trusean agreement not to fight
surplusit is left over after someone's met their need
Statusrefers to their postion
strigalA flat scraping tool
princeplesBasic beliefs
porticaA porch
porta place where a ship docks
phanlaxa battle formation
petosos A type of a hat
satyrA type of a greek comedy
prosperto thrive
siegea war
scholar A person who is well educated
terracedto be layered
Scarcenot plentiful
excavateto dig or extract
Fertilegreat land
forageto search for food
Ionianswere a grooup of people who lived in central greece

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