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Scientific Method

Introductory Unit Terms

observationUsing the senses to gather information
inferencedrawing a conclusion from your observations
oceanographythe study of the oceans
meteorologythe study of the weather
lawa rule of nature that works every time it's tested
independent variablethe factor in an experiment changed on purpose by the scientist
modelused by scientist to show an idea or things
biologystudy of living things
technologyusing science to make useful things for people
physical modela model of a real thing
geologythe study of the origin, history, and structure of the solid earth and the processes that shape it
scale modela model made to a ratio size of the real object
dependent variablethe factor in an experiment that changes because of the independent variable
scientific methodthe steps used by scientist to solve problems
controlled variablesthe things you keep the same in every experiment trial
hypothesisa statement that can be tested to learn how nature works
theoryan explanation of how nature works backed up by hypothesis that have been tested many times
physicsthe study of forces, motion, and energy and their effect on matter

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