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Changes In The Land

Terms grade 7's are required to know for the unit entitled, "Changes In The Land".

WeatheringThe wearing down of materials due to weather/climate.
ErosionThe weathering and carrying away of soil, rock and other materials.
LandslideThe rapid sliding of very large mass of rock/land.
RockslideThe rapid slide of rock down a slope along a line of weakness.
MudslideThe sliding or flowing of mud and debris containing a large amount of water.
AvalancheThe sliding of a mass of snow/ice.
Ground slumpThe downward slip of rock or a piece of land where the material stays together.
Ground CreepSlow downward movement of soil due to saturation of water which freezes and thaws.
SinkholesWhere the ground sinks as material below the surface is eroded by sub-surface water.
SaturationWhere soil/rock cannot hold anymore water.
PorosityThe space between rock particles.
PermeabilityThe ability for water to flow down through rock/soil.
Run-offExcess water which cannot be saturated.
Water TableThe layers of rock/soil which are saturated with water.
ChannelingWhen flowing water tends to follow/create distinct pathways.
PoolingWhere water fills up a depression.
DepositionWhen a stream deposits its load (settles out).
DeltaThe build up of sediment formed where a stream enters a lake, sea or ocean.
SedimentThe material that settles at the bottom of a body of water.
Rate of FlowHow much volume a stream has at any given time (litres per second).

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