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poetry, vocab,to kill a mocking bird

Paradoxan apparent contradiction the revels the underlying truth
allusiona brief reference to a person, place, event, or well known words that the author excpects the reader to know.
ironyphysical irony, the opposite pf what you think is going to happen happens or mental ____ you say one thing but mean anouther (sarcasm.)
metaphora comparison that is not directly states between two unlike objects the purpose of the comparison in to conveythe speakers feelings about an essential charcterisics.
Personificationa special kind of metaphor in which an idea, object, or animal is given human charcteristics
symbola concrete object that stands for both itself and for something else, some larger meaning
alliteratonthe repetition of initial consonant words
Adjoiningconnecting, next to each other
allegedlysupposedly, or doubtfully
Alercationsa heated noisy dispute
appallingsurprising incredible,comes as a surprise (often bad)
arbitrateto settle a fight/ or decide in a quarrel
auspiciooussigns of success
austereharsh in manner
circumstantialon circumstance
clutchesgrasping, in the grasp of
contempuoslynasty, mean
contrabandsmuggled goods
corroborateto make certain
corruptingta cause corruption, making bad, mean, dishonest
curtnessrudeness, short, not ocnversational
detachmentcoming off of detached from
devicesschemes, plans, to do as one pleases
discreetquietly, secretly
dispeldriven away
edificationfor own good, morally correct
flightynot very constant, uneducated
hereditiysomething that is inherited, inheritance
mentalityintellectual mindset, or character
mortifyingappaling, morbid
motivatedto be given reason to , to have the desire to
navigateto find one way around, to direct ones selfin the correct direction
petitionedto seek something, to fight for a cause
phenomenaan unusual happening, something out of the ordinary
poisedpositioned, or well educated, smart, able to carry out of the ordinary
preoccupiedbusy with something, mind set on something else
prerogativean exclusive privilege
protesedobjected to
recluseperson that lives shut off from the world
remorsedeep feeling of regret from wrong doing
respectivelywith/in respect for the order given
rituala routine, something done often, certain way of doing something
shortcomingsfaliures, deficiencies
spuriousnot genuine, false
subduedcalmed, under control, spaced out, to be conquered
tedioustime-taking, annoying, takes time, does on
tentativeuncertain, hesitant
transparentcleer see through- able
veneersuperficial appearance

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