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Adjective Clausea subordinate clause that modifies a noun or pronoun
agreementsingular subject with singular verb; and plural verb with pl. subj.
Appositiveone noun or pronoun used to explain another noun or pronoun
clausea group of words that contains a verb and its subject
Collective Nouna singular noun that names a group of persons or things
Complex Sentence1 independent clause + 1 or more subordinate clauses
Coordinate Conjunction A conjunction used to connect words used in the same way
indefinite pronouna pronoun that does not refer to a definite person, place or thing; everybody, nobody, somebody
independent clauseexpresses a complete thought and can stand alone
nominative casethe form of a noun or pronoun that is used as a subj. or p.n.; he she it
noun clausea clause used as a subj. d.o. or i.o;
objective casethe form of a noun or pronoun used as a do io op; them him me
phrasea group of related words used as a single part of speech; s. v.
possessive caseform of a noun or pronoun that shows ownership; whose
principal parts of verbsthe 4 basic forms of a verb
reflexive pronounrefers to the subject and directs the action of the verb back to sub.
regular verbpast formed by adding d or ed; past participle are the same
relative pronounintroductory word of an adjective clause
simple sentence one independent clause
standard englishthe most widely accepted form fo english


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