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Subjunctives Part 2

Howdy! :) The following games are based on Latin Subjunctives. Match the Latin with the English meanings and Have fun!! :) Bye and good luck!

Quae, Ubi, QuiWho, Where, Who (These are relative pronouns that start adjectival subordinate clauses.)
Cum=whenHow it is translated in Cum Circumstational
Cum=since & becauseHow it is translated in Cum Causal
Present, future, future perfectPrimary Sequence
Imperfect, perfect, pluperfectSecondary Sequence
Bobus, cum in silva ambularet, manachorum voces audivit When Bob was walking in the woods he heard the voices of the monks
Bobus, cum abbatem in claustro vidisset, attonita erat.When Bob had seen the abbot in the cloister she was astonished.
Tam sapientet dicit ut omnibus persuadeathe speaks so wisely that he persuades everybody
Tantum saxum erat ut nemo id tollere posset The stone was so big that no one could lift it
cum tecum sum,felix sum When I am with you, I'm happy
Puella lacrimabat quod canem amiserat the girl was crying because she had lost her dog
Miles vulneratus verebatur ut se vidissemusthe wounded soldier feared we had not seen him
cumtakes the indicative if the main verb is primary
Ubi confessus est, capitis damnatus estWhen he (had) confessed, he was condemned to death
Postquam confessus est, capitis damnatus estafter he (had) confessed, he was condemned to death.
cum Romam veneris, Ciceronem videbiswhen you come to Rome, you will see Cicero
Haud dubium erat quin navis veniretThere was no doubt that the ship was coming.
Si quisif anyone


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