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Reformation Games

A variety of games for the Reformation

ReformationA movement for religious reform begun by Martim Luther
SavonarolaItalian friar who preache fiery sermons calling for reform in Florence and in the papacy
ProtestantsChristians who belonged to non-Catholic churches
Grand ArmadaSpanish fleet of ships that attacked England
Annulto cancel or put an end to something, such as marriage
Leo XPope who excommunicated Luther
IndulgenceA pardon releasing the sinner from performing a penalty
Johann TetzelFriar who angered Luther and prompted Luther to post his 95 Theses
Peace of AugsbergFamous settlement that allowed each German ruler to decide whether his state would be Lutheran or Catholic
Henry VIIIEnglish king who broke with the Catholic Church
Anglican ChurchAnother name for the Church of England
Catherine of AragonHenry VIII's first wife
Alexander VIPope who publically admitted to having children
Charles V/Charles I of SpainHoly Roman Emperor who brought Luther to trial
Edict of WormsOfficial document that declared Luther an outlaw and heretic
Act of SupremacyAct that made English king the official head of the church in England
AnabaptistReligious movement that only believed in adult baptism
Ignatius of LoyolaFounder of the Society of Jesus
John CalvinFounder of religious movement known as Calvinism
Paul IIIPope who called the Council of Trent
John KnoxScottish follower of John Calvin who is considered the founder of Presbyterianism
HuguenotsFrench followers of Calvin
Paul IVPope who was responsible for the Index of Forbidden Books
Mary (Stuart), Queen of ScotsQueen whom Elizabeth I had executed for taking part in plots against Elizabeth
Marguerite of NavarreFemale who protected Calvin from execution while he resided in France
Francis XavierFamous Jesuit who worked in India in the 1500's
Counter Reformation or Catholic ReformationReform movement in the Catholic Church
Spiritual ExercisesBook written by Ignatius of Loyola that laid out a day-by-day plan of prayer and meditation
St. Bartholomew's Day MassacreKilling of many Huguenots occured on this feast day
Diet of WormsParliament that Luther was called to and asked to recant his heretical beliefs
Charles VIIKing who used the taille and gabelle to increase the royal treasury
Ferdinand and IsabellaSpanish king and queen who drove the Muslims out of Granada
Henry VIIFirst Tudor king who created the Court of the Star Chamber
Wars of the RosesCivil war in England that ended at the Battle of Bosworth Field
Court of the Star ChamberCourt created under Henry VII to punish his enemies
Taille and gabelleSalt and land taxes in France
Tonnage and poundageImport and export taxes in England
Against the Murdering Hordes of PeasantsPamphlet written by Luther denouncing the revolt of the peasants
TransubstantiationBelief that during the mass that the bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of Christ
ConsubstantiationLuther's belief that Christ was somehow mysteriously present in the bread and wine
PredestinationCentral belief of Calvinism
ElectAccording to Calvin one who is saved
ReprobateAccording to Calvin one who is condemned
InterimAn attempt by Charles V to please both the Catholics and Lutherans in Germany

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