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6 Vocabulary - Midyear Examination

apparel(n) clothing, that which serves as dress or decoration
besiege(v) to attack by surrounding with military forces; to cause worry or trouble
denounce(v) to condemn openly; to accuse formally
dispatch(v) to send off or out for a purpose; to kill;
expressly(adv) plainly, in so many words; for a particular purpose
forsake(v) to give up, renounce; to leave, abandon
gainful(adj) profitable; bringing in money or some special advantage
libel(n) a statement that unfairly or falsely harms the reputation of the person about whom it is made
constrain(v) to force, compel; to restrain, hold back
disinterested(adj) fair-minded, free from selfish motives; indifferent
groundless(adj) without any good reason or cause, unjustified
incomprehensible(adj) impossible to understand
ruffle(v) to wrinkle, make uneven; to annoy, upset;
serene(adj) peaceful, calm; free of emotional upset; clear and free of storm
barrage(n) a rapid, large-scale outpouring of something
designate(v) to indicate, point out; to appoint
enigma(n) someone or something that is extremely puzzling
gloat(v) to look at or think about with great intensity and satisfaction
infuriate(v) to make very angry, enrage
pacifist(n) one who is against war or the use of violence
acquit(v) to declare not guilty, free from blame, discharge completely
devastate(v) to destroy, lay waste
elusive(adj) difficult to catch or to hold; hard to explain or understand
generate(v) to bring into existence; to be the cause of
ingratitude(n) a lack of thankfulness
repent(v) to feel sorry for what one has done or has failed to do
strand(n) a string of wire, hair, etc.; (v) to leave in a hopeless position
acute(adj) with a sharp point; keen and alert; sharp and severe;
bluster(v) to talk or act in a noisy and threatening way; to blow in stormy gusts;
duration(n) the length of time that something continues or lasts
facet(n) one aspect or side of a subject or problem;
fidelity(n) the state of being faithful; accuracy in details
pacify(v) to make peaceful or calm;
remorse(n) deep and painful regret for one’s past misdeeds
smug(adj) overly self-satisfied,

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