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Third Grade Technology Vocabulary

Match the technology term with its definition.

MonitorAn output device that displays text and graphics generated by a computer.
PrinterAn output device that produces a hard copy of the information displayed on a monitor screen.
Power SwitchA switch that turns on and off the power supply to a machine.
KeyboardAn input device that has keys for letters, numbers, and symbols.
MouseA hand-held input device moved to select items on a monitor.
CPUThe Central Processing Unit is the main chip in a computer that processes digital information.
Disk DriveA device that reads and/or writes information to a disk.
CD-ROMA plastic coated disk that stores digital data as tiny pits etched into the surface and is read by scanning the surface.
ComputerA machine that uses binary logic to process information.
CursorA flashing mark on a monitor screen that shows where typed text will be inserted.
DocumentA named file.
SaveA command used for storing a document for future use.
PrintA command to use for sending the electronic form of a document to a printer to produce a hard copy of the document.
HardwareThe physical parts of a computer. If you can touch it, it's _________.
SoftwareDigital instructions that a computer processes.
IconA picture on a monitor that represents a document, folder, program, peripheral, or tool.
WindowA rectangle, on a monitor, that displays information.

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