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Digestionthe breakdown of food
Caloriesamount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kil. of water by 1 degree celsius
NutrientsUsable portion of food
Mechanical digestionPhysical breakdown of food
Chemical digestionChemical altering of the substance
TeethUsed to start mechanical digestion
IncisorThe front tooth; used for cutting
CanineThe teeth used to tear and shred the food
MolarThe teeth used to grind and crush the food
EnamelThe top cover on the teeth
DentineSurrounds the pulp cavity; is alive
Pulp cavityBetween the two levels of dentine; keeps it alive
RootThe bottommost level of the tooth; it goes into the gum
CrownThe top of the tooth
Tonguepushes the food back in your mouth so that you can chew it; also helps put the food down to the esophagus pipe
Four tastesSour, sweet, salty, bitter
BolusThe ball of food that goes down the esophagus; held together by mucus
SwallowingThe process to get the food to the esophagus
Salivary glandProduce saliva
SalivaHelps moisten your food; contains ptyalin
Hydrochloric AcidHelps break complex proteins into simpler ones
Ptyalin (amylase)A substance found in salivaused to break starced down into sugars
EnzymeHelps to control a wide variety of of chemical reactions
MucusCoats and protects the stomach wall from hydrochloric acid
EsophagusA tube that carries the food from the mouth to the stomach
EpiglottisThe flap that closes over the windpipe so food doesn't go down it
Heimlich ManueuverA way to force food out of the mouth when it gets stuck
PeristalisisThe waves of contractions that push food through the esophagus
StomachThe j-shaped organ where the food goes after it leaves the esophagus
PepsinBegins the digestion of protein
RenninBegins the digestion of milk
UlcerIf you don't produce enough mucus, you digest your own stomach
DuodenumThe c-shaped curve comes after the stomach
LiverLargest and heaviest organ; produce bile
Gall bladderStores bile until needed
BileHelps to break up large fat particles into small ones
PancreasA soft triangular organ; produces pancreatic juices and insulin
Small intestineDigestive organ in which most digestion takes place
VilliA fingerlike structure that lines the small intestine through which food is absorbed through the bloodstream
Large intestineOrgan in the digestive system in which water is ab
AppendixFinger-shaped organ
RectumEnd of the large intestine
Alimentary canalIf anyone know please e-mail em with the answer
FecesUndigested waste product

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