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government review

presidentleader of our country
White Housewhere our country's leader lives
votewhat people do to choose a leader
monumenta building or statue that honors a person
governmenta group of people in charge of running a country, state, city, or community
Congressa group of people that make the laws for our country
museuma place that people visit to see interesting things
taxmoney that people pay to the government
Board of SupervisorsLoudoun County's law makers
State LegislatureVirginia's law makers
Senate and House of Representatives (Congress)our country's law makers
F.B.I.our country's law enforcement
Virginia State Policeenforces laws in our state
Loudoun County Sheriff's Dept.enforces laws in our county
County Courtsdecides if laws are broken in our county
Virginia Courtsdecides if laws are broken in our state
Federal Courtsdecides if laws are broken in our country
open votingeveryone can see what you vote for
secret ballotno one knows what you vote for

Mrs. Collier

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