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Conservation and Ecosystems!

All terms dealing with conservation and ecosystems!

The prefix bio meanslife related
non renewable resourcenot able to be created again, like oil and coal
fossil fuelsprovide most of our energy as humans
geothermal energyenergy from within the earth
the prefix geo meansearth related
water found below the surface of the earth is calledground water
upper layer of soiltopsoil
wind and water cause. . .erosion
species pass out of existence and are coined as thisextinct
most of the animal population lives in this biomeTropical Rain Forest
The prefix auto meansself
the process in which water turns into a gas form, known as vaporevaporation
Cool air is underneath warm air intemperature inversion
one type of species makes up an entirepopulation
many different kinds of species make up acommunity
the introduction of harmful or unwanted substances into the environment ispollution
physiological refers toour inner bodies
the key word in any kind of adaptation ishelp
It takes 2-5 weeks for this to disintegrate into the groundpaper, orange peel
it takes 80-100 years for this to decompose into the groundaluminum can
acid rain is a form ofair pollution
land pollution discarded in an inappropriate place islitter
an organism's role, job, or function in a communityniche
both of these kinds of soil conservation control the runoff of watercontour farming and terracing
this kind of soil conservation plants trees inbetween rows of crops to protect them from the windwindbreaks
this kind of soil conservation moves crops around to different fields to provide the soil with essential nutrientscrop rotation
4 seasons characterizes this biomeTemperate Deciduous Forest
the release of heat into an environment is calledthermal pollution
fog and smoke combinedsmog

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