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Geometry Review

pointan exact location in space, represented by a dot
raypar of a line that starts with an endpoint and continues endlessly in one direction
line segmenta part of a line; has two endpoints
linea straight, continuous and unending
parallel lineslines that do not intersect are always the same distance apart
intersecting lineslines that cross
perpendicular lineslines that meet or cross (intersect) forming right angles
acute angle1-89 degrees
obtuse anglegreat than 90 degrees
right angleexaclty 90 degrees
vertexthe middle point where the two sides of an angle meet
right trianglea triangle that has one 90 degree angle
scalene trianglea triangle that has no sides the same (congruent)
isosceles trianglea triangle with two congruent (same) sides
pentagona polygon with 5 sides
hexagona polygon with 6 sides
heptagona polygon with 7 sides
octagona polygon with 8 sides
quadrilaterala polygon with 4 sides
trianglea polygon with 3 sides

Fifth Grade
Lower Milford Elementary

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