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"Cheaper by the Dozen"

By Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

Literature Category

Is this book based on a true story?Yes
What is the main city it takes place in?Montclair, New Jersey
Did all children live to adulthood?No. Mary died of diptheria in 1912.
Where was Lillian Moller Gilbreth born?Oakland,California
Where was Frank Bunker Gilbreth born?Fairfield, Maine
Did Mr. Gilbreth graduate from college?No. He took an apprentice's job as a brick layer.
What languages were the bathroom victrola sets in?French and German
What was the name of their schooner?The "Rena"
Where did they vacation?Nantucket Island
What was the nickname of their car?The "Foolish Carriage"
Who was exempt from having their tonsils out?Martha; however, it was supposed to be Ernestine
What field did Mr. and Mrs. Gilbreth work in?Scientific Managment,especially motion study
What is a unit of motion called?A "therblig"
What was the handy man's name?Tom Grieves
What was the cook's name?Mrs. Cunningham
Who was the oldest child?Anne
Who was the second child?Mary
Who was the third child?Ernestine
Who was the fourth child?Martha
Who was the fifth child?Frank, Jr.
Who was the sixth child?Bill, legally William
Who was the seventh child?Lill, legally Lillian
Who was the eighth child?Fred
Who was the ninth child?Dan, legally Daniel
Who was the tenth child?Jack, legally John
Who was the eleventh child?Bob, legally Robert
Who was the baby?Jane
What was the name of the elementary school attended by the Gilbreth's?Nishuane
Did all of the children graduate from college?Yes.
What was Mr. Gilbreth's father's middle name, which they would never consider naming any of the children?Hiram.
What was the vacation house nicknamed?"The Shoe".
What else was used as extra summer lodging?Two lighthouses.
Who were Peter and Maggie?Two canaries.
What was Mr. Gilbreth's dinnertime comment for something off the chosen topic?"Not of general interest".
Who was in charge of the budget?Martha
What was the hairstyle mentioned in dispute?Bobbed hair
What was the latest dance craze?The "Charelston"
When did Mr. Gilbreth die?June 14, 1924
Where was Mr. Gilbreth's brain donated?Harvard University
Where was Mr. Gilbreth when he died?Lackawanna railroad station.
How old was Jane when Mr. Gilbreth died?Two.
Was Mrs. Gilbreth a college graduate?Yes.
What degrees did she hold?Literature and a Phd in Physcology.
What did a certain whistle signify?The assembly call.
What nationality was Tom Grieves?Irish.
What was the family doctor's name?Dr. Burton.
What nationality were the Gilbreth's?Scottish.
Where was Anne born?In New York.
Who did George Isles always bring a box of candy to?Lill.
Which grandparent lived with the family?Mr. Gilbreth's mother.
What was the ship's name where Dan was lost?The "Leviathan".
When was the book first published?1948
To whom is the dedication?Dad and Mother
What was a new baby called?"The Latest Model".
When did Mrs. Gilbreth and the children go back West?During the firs World War, while Mr. Gilbreth served.
What was their address?63 Eagle Rock Way
Did Mr. Gilbreth go to Church?No.
Did Mrs. Gilbreth believe in corporal punishment?No. She believed in positve discipline.
Could Mrs. Gilbreth swim?No.
When did they decide they wanted twelve children?On their honeymoon.


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