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The Oregon Trail

What was the longest overland route used in the westward expansion of the United States?The Oregon Trail
Where did the Oregon Trail start?Independence, Missouri
How long was it?2,000 miles
Djid travelers of the trail pass through Nebraska?yes
How did they travel?covered wagon
How long did their journey take?4 to 6 months
Did Lewis and Clark ever travel on the Oregon Trail?yes
When did settlers begin using the trail?1841
Did settlers travel on the trail during the Great Migration?yes
Did the Oregon Trail go through Utah?no
T or F Forty-niners walked or rode over the Oregon Trail during the California gold rush.True
Was Nebraska city along the Oregon Trail?yes
Was Scotts Bluff known on the trail?yes
T or F Wild Bill Hickok worked on the Oregon Trail?True
Did the Oregon Trail follow the Mississippi River?no
The Oregon Trail was originally used by A) Lewis and Clark, B) Native Americans and trappers, or C) pioneers.Native Americans and trappers
When did the first emigrant wagon train reach Oregon?1836
Where was the first termination pont of the Oregon Trail?Oregon City, Oregon
Is there a basketball team named for the travelers of the Oregon Trail?Portland Trail Blazers
When was the survey of the Oregon Trail completed?1843

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