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The words in this list are essential for thinking and conversing about prealgebra concepts.

answer to a multiplication problemproduct
answer to an addition problemsum
answer to a subtraction problemdifference
answer to a division problemquotient
{1,2,3,4,5...}natural numbers
{0,1,2,3,4...}whole numbers
a symbol (generally a letter of the alphabet) that is used to represent an unknown numbervariable
a + 0 = aadditive identity
(a + b) + c = a + (b + c)associative property of addition
a + b = b + acommutative property of addition
numbers being multipliedfactors
a * b = b * acommutative property of multiplication
(a * b) * c = a * (b * c)associative property of multiplication
a * 1 = amultiplicative identity
a * 0 = 0zero factor law
a(b + c) = a*b + a*cdistributive property of multiplication over addition
the number being divideddividend
the number dividing into teh dividenddivisor
a / 0is undefined, can't be done
numbers addedaddend

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