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Vocab 4-3

salientnoticeable, outstanding, important
saturninegrave, morose, taciturn
sonorousdeep, rich, resonant
spuriousfalse, fake, counterfeit
succulentjuicy, pleasant, delicious
torpidsluggish, inactive, lethargic
turbidmuddy, cloudy
uxortousfond of his wife, demonstrative towards his wife, doting on his wife
viragoscolding, ill-tempered wife, shrew
volubletalkative, glib, loquacious
abortfailed, came to nothing, miscarried
affinitymutual attraction, magnetism, instinctive liking
amalgamatejoined, combined, consolidated
apexhigh point, climax, vertex
aspersionsslander, defamation, calumny
bovinesluggish, slow as an ox, stolid
chimericalfantastic, visionary, absurdly improbable
coalescejoined together, merged, united
cogitatethinking hard, pondering, meditating
condignfit, deserved, merited

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